well cum


ainz is depressed

my frog burden

we dont need more jason's flyer copycats

ainz is depressed

i think


ainz is depressed

what did kentaro muira mean by this


In law, a prerogative is an exclusive right bestowed by a government or state and invested in an individual or group, the content of which is separate from the body of rights enjoyed under the general law. It was a common facet of feudal law. The word is derived from Old French prerogative (14c.), M.L. prerogativa "special right", from Latin praerogativa "prerogative, previous choice or election", originally (with tribus, centuria) "100 voters who by lot voted first in the Roman comitia", from praerogativus"chosen to vote first."


a mem makes fun of german enlightment

Shame you're real.

studying british history

dog is unsecure

if i was paid for it i'd fabricate so many words

fuck i overslept

garfield says "Huh I wonder whom the bell tolls."

why am i such a sleepy fella.

i feel things i feel i think things i think

man says to woman (afraid of flying) "We are gonna crash."

note to self: torment comes from disregarding consciousness

early afraid graves

rat says "I won't let rot consume me."

as if it's not difficult enough to confront yourself, an etherized fighter (such as myself) immanently has to fight his past and future selves.


cat says "Normalize killing ppl its okay."

people turn against each too easily, even then i can't find myself being the victim, not that i particularly deserve such treatment, i'm problably not a restful person to align yourself with, but there are things i can't find myself not complain about, especially with him, even though he was always certainly ill tempered, he gave me the enthusiasm to bestow my every self to him, i thought this meant that he was okay with my personalized mental reality, however currently this person looks down to it, strictly rejecting it, mocking about it being childish, i now would rather not intersect with his currents, while he has already captured all of mine, and apperantly is disgusted by it.

promenades with charm lights

cat says "wyd this late babygirl."

the norm isn't liking the other sexe i think i'm very not brainwashed and woke for partly appreciating both sexes created by the highest monad, other way is too idealistic.

i feel what it mean

jigen bathes


getting th zoomies

me when i'm angel

death of the sore cause
I mistook you for myself
sorry my old boy

i feed off evil animals

white people cry when their sons are killed in accidents

teehheeeeeee :P

sunset brazil trademarkt

sisyphus likes his task

nurturing my inner man
as winds speak to me
they never tell the truth
they wont but they might

host a party in your home to socialize

people should lock their doors

i wish this log could serve some mnemonic purpose, as my past self taught me to forget, anyhow now i realize i kinda suck.

i tell you we must die

rats think bats are angels

into the light i see. Â


sad cat

doing short term regretting long term